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New install results in "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'yield' (T_YIELD)"

in General edited August 2013

Hello everyone, I am new to Bonfire and I am excited to try it out to expedite development. However, after I followed the installation guide (using Bonfire 0.6) I receive the following error:

"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'yield' (T_YIELD), expecting identifier (T_STRING) in E:\Programs\newxampp\htdocs\ITDesk\bonfire\application\libraries\template.php on line 305"

I don't see any obvious syntax errors and I am at a loss. My environment is Windows 7, XAMPP stack 1.8.2.

Did I manage to skip over something? As far as I know all my paths are correct and htaccess is set to the suggested rewrite base.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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