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Bonfire core migrations apply automatically?

in General edited October 2012


I've written a migration to replace Activities.{User,Module,Date}.View with Activities.All.View. Each of them let you view all activities, so there's no real distinction, and it clutters up the permissions list.

I'm trying to test my down() method. But if I ask Bonfire to downgrade to the previous schema version... I get a success message, but the actual schema version is unchanged. I think Bonfire is automatically upgrading the schema when the page loads. Is there some way to disable the automatic upgrade, so I can check the effect of my down() method on the database?

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    I noticed there is a bug in some Migrations there is a error in your Migration then it claims it works when it does not. Otherwise just turn of automigration in your config file, config/application.php

  • Thanks, that helped! The installer gave me an error message, and knowing that I was able to find the error.

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    I'm working on a more fail proof error reporting method for the migrations atm actually, the first time that happened to me it thru me for a loop for a hour or so until I finally just ran the query in a controller to see what was going on.

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